Things to do

       Enjoy the historic townscape

  • Discover the captured beauty of watercolours in the art gallery
  • Brows through the interpretation in the Kata Anga tearooms (Strehlow's house)
  • Enjoy the home made meals from the Kata Anga Tea Rooms
  • Watch our documentary on Albert Namitjira and his story from 1947
  • Visit the colonists' house
  • Make tracks in the sand
  • Notice the use of natural resources in the buildings
  • Feel the difference in temperature when inside the buildings
  • Enjoy a refreshing cuppa and some tasty apple strudel on the verandah of the Kata Anga tearooms
  • Picnic in the remnant of the date garden
  • Check out the arts 'n' crafts for sale
  • Ponder the lost lives in the cemetery

Albert Namatjira's watercolours (for sale)
Herman & Mavis Malbunka
Kitchen in colonist's house