Schoolchildren and their teacher Hermann Adolph (Dolph) Heinrich


The Northern Territory Government commissioned the development of an interpretation plan and design the interpretation media for Hermannsburg Historic Precinct.

The development team comprised a partnership of three consultancies:

  • Navin Officer Heritage Consultants Pty Ltd prepared the content and sourced the images for this website from a variety of sources. Sources are acknowledged in the relevant stories however we particularly note the contributions from people listed below. 
  • Art of Multimedia designed the Hermannsburg Precinct visual identity, interpretive signage and developed the website.
  • Ngurratjuta/Pmara Ntjarra Aboriginal Corporation provided assistance with Aboriginal community consultation.

Community oversight and input:

Western Arrarnta people provided input and advice as the project developed.  In particular we acknowledge the contributions of: Nicholas Williams, David and Lilly Roennfeldt, Mervyn Raggett, Hayley Coulthard, Noel Raggett, Genise Williams, Clarabell Swift, Helen Stuart, Beth Inkamala, Stephanie Ratard, Judith Inkamala, Claire Parerouolya, Anita Ratara, Roseanne Coulthard Fabian Raggett, Noel Pareroultja, Sonya Braybon, Fabian Baggett, Warren H Williams and Conrad Ratara.

Text and content advice:

Mrs Ruth Ellis and Mrs Olga Radke provided advice and access to family material including photos and in the case of Ruth items such as needlework and other handicrafts which we were able to photograph and refer to. They both shared some of their memories with the project team and provided advice on some of the content.

Originally the project was to include video stories from local western Arrarnta people, however due to the COVID- 19 pandemic this part of the project was delayed.  Content will be added at a later date to provide a strong Indigenous voice on the website. However, we acknowledge the assistance of David Roennfeldt who provided translations and advice on the spelling of Western Arrarnta words and comments on the text throughout the website.

Others who provided advice on aspects the project as it developed include:

  • Warren H Williams
  • Heritage Alice Springs members
  • Finke River Mission Services Especially Rod Matuschka who provided access to the photos held at the precinct and Wayne Bevan.


The following people and organisations have supplied photographs for use in this website.  Most organisations generously waived their standard costs for the reproduction of images for which the Hermannsburg Historical Society and Finke River Mission Services are grateful.

  • Mrs Olga Radke
  • Mrs Ruth Ellis – Albrecht Family Archives
  • The Gross Family
  • Helen Graetz
  • Beverley Castleman Collection
  • State Library of South Australia
  • Northern Territory Library
  • Tourism NT
  • Lutheran Archives
  • Art Gallery NSW
  • Trustees of the British Museum
  • National Museum of Australia
  • National Archives of Australia
  • Museum of Applied arts and Sciences