Aboriginal people outside thatched huts 1923


It is the people who lived and worked at Hermannsburg that imbue it with significance. Their stories of courage, faith, perseverance and triumph over heartache have soaked into the stones and mortar and are a remarkable legacy for current and future generations.

Marianne Graetz

Marianne was an important member of the Albrecht extended family and features frequently in the Albrecht family album.

Ted Strehlow

Later more commonly known as Ted, Theodor Georg Heinrich (T.G.H.) Strehlow’s story is fascinating; from his childhood as the young son of the missionary Carl and Freida, spending his formative years growing up on Hermannsburg Mission, through to his return to Central Australia as the local patrol officer and later anthropologist.

Wilhelm F. Schwarz

Wilhelm F. Schwarz has been immortalised in a booklet called Venture of Faith. This epic trek traversed around 900 kilometres of unforgiving terrain.


Strehlow is reported to have asked Stolz to oversee the care of Hermannsburg who reviewed the mission to develop a plan for its future. 

Moses Tjakabolta

A strong and compelling orator, he repeatedly challenged the traditional Elders and was probably more influential than the white missionaries themselves. 

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